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Our Policies


Your appointments are very important to our staff members at Grrs ‘n’ Purrs, their time is reserved especially for you. We understand that sometimes schedule conflicts arise; therefore, we respectfully request at least 48 hours notice for any changes or cancellations to scheduled appointments.

Cancellation and "No-Shows" Policy

Grrs ‘n’ Purrs Grooming, Inc requires at least 48 business hours notice for rescheduled and cancelled appointments. Any appointments that are cancelled with less than 48 business hours notice, or no-shows, will be charged 100% of appointment per pet.  If this occurs on first appointment with us, we will not reschedule. Repeated failure to respect this policy will result in the discontinuation of future services.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Our salon rates vary depending on coat condition/type, breed, size, and special requests. For accurate pricing, it is best to bring your pet in to see us in person so we can evaluate their coat and the look you are wanting to achieve. Over the phone quotes or estimates may be given based on general breed and size however, this may vary once we are able to evaluate your pet in person. Any quote or estimate given over the phone is not a guarantee of price and is subject to change.

If at any time during the appointment there is a significant change in the price of the pet, whether it is due to matting, difficulty of pet and/or trim, etc. you will be notified by phone before the groomer proceeds with the services. If you cannot be reached and are not able to contact us within 30 minutes of the initial call the groomer will proceed in the manner they see fit based on the best interests of the dog or cat and any additional charges incurred as a result will be the responsibility of the client upon pick up.


Confirmation texts/emails

As a courtesy, we will text and or email to confirm your service appointments prior to your scheduled appointment. However, if you don’t receive your confirmation for any reason, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and cancellation fees. Please remember to alert us to any changes in your contact information to ensure uninterrupted communication.


Matt removal policy

If you insist on having your animal dematted we charge an additional fee. However, we do not recommend excessive dematting as it is extremely painful for the animal and most times it is more beneficial to shave the animal shorter and begin the grow out process again. We reserve the right to refuse to dematt any animal if the matting is severe and we will not dematt an animal for longer than we see fit due to pet’s temperament and tolerance level.

In the case of severe matting, an additional charge will apply for any extra time needed to shave matted hair safely. This type of severe matt removal is very dangerous and painful for the pet and will sometimes uncover hidden injuries from the matts pulling at the skin. Here at Grrs ‘n’ Purrs we will not tolerate repeated neglect of pets and we reserve the right to refuse service to any individuals that continuously allow their animals to become dangerously matted. Please keep in mind that we are here to support our clients and their pets in proper skin and coat maintenance and are happy to help you find the perfect schedule to keep your dog or cat comfortable and healthy while also providing a high quality groom you can be proud of.

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